Sensemax SenseTube


A Vibrating Masturbator with VR Compatibility

Play an active role in the erotic theatre of your mind with the SenseTube from SenseMax. SenseTube has the perfect tactile responsiveness with Airlock Functionality to provide a realistic feel.  Choose between 5 different vibrating modes with 18 speeds and pulses to find that perfect stimulation.

Compatible with SenseMax’s Sense Ecosystem, you can interactively synchronize your SenseTube for customizable adult content and use the Sensemax VR Headset to simulate physical intimacy.

The Bluetooth function in SenseTube allows you to connect it to the Sense Lovers app on your phone to direct the action in your VR content. As you move the masturbation sleeve up and down, you can see the characters react. You can even change their position, point of view, and help them reach their happy ending.

Take your orgasm to new heights with the climax button. After pressing the MAX button for 3 seconds, SenseTube will automatically jump to the most intense scene in the app to give you maximum pleasure.

SenseTube not only delivers short-term sexual fulfilment, it may also provide benefits in the long run for your mental and physical well-being, helping boost your confidence both inside and outside of the bedroom.

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• Vibrating VR-compatible masturbation sleeve by SenseMax
• Silky soft surface & soft shell grip for complete control. Airlock function provides a for realistic, intense feel
• 5 vibration modes and 18 speeds
• Soft shell is made of body-safe, 100% medical grade silicone. Free from phthalates and latex
• Inner sleeve is made up of FDA approved, ultra soft TPE and is removeable for easy cleaning. (*Hygienic drying stand included)
• 100% Waterproof
• Travel lock for worry-free transport
• Connect to a VR player through Bluetooth for total immersion and responsiveness Bluetooth 4.0 with signal range of up to 15 m. / 50 ft.
• Sense Ecosystem and other Virtual Reality Apps compatible
• Download the Sense Lovers App for free Adult Content (Android & iOS)
• Sync to the app to control videos and feel it respond to pressure of any kind
• Whisper Quiet (<50 dB) with a simple 4 button interface
• 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty