Medicinal Mushroom Blend


This wonderful seven mushroom dual extraction herbal tincture is recommended for the maintenance of a healthy, balanced immune system.


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  • Medicinal Ingredients: *Reishi mushroom OG (Ganodeme lucidum), **Chaga sclerotia WC (Inootus obliquus), **Artist Conk mushroom WC (Ganodema applanatum), **Tinder Conk mushroom WC (Fomes fomentarius), **Red Ballad Polypore WC (Fomitopsis pinicola), *Scarlet Cordyceps mushroom OG (Cordyceps militaris), **Turkey Tail mushroom WC (Trametes versicolor).
  • *OG Denotes Organically Cultivated ingredients
  • **WC Denotes Ethically Wildcrafted ingredients
  • Other Ingredients: Alcohol (25%), Spring water.
  • Dual extraction tincture lovingly prepared by Blue Lotus Ethnobotanicals in Western BC., Canada.
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100ml, 25 mls