Essential Aromatherapy


This compact book clearly outlines a variety of essential oils and explores their many applications and uses. Author Susan Worwood begins with a brief history of aromatherapy, describing how the practice of aromatherapy shifted from having New Age connotations to being accepted in popular culture. The reader then learns how essential oils work–from their antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal properties to their mind/body/spiritual connection.

The guide provides tips on buying and storing oils and includes useful one-page profiles of the plants that produce the oils, from basil to yuzu. The book’s exhaustive “how to use” list describes how to make face masks, foot baths, gargles, diffuser blends and more. The list also shows you how to make safe & inexpensive treatments with essential oils for many common maladies. This book offers a great crash course in essential oils and aromatherapy making it a useful reference handbook for the novice.

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Authors: Susan Worwood and Valerie Ann Worwood
Valerie Ann Worwood is a consultant clinical aromatherapist with a doctorate in complementary medicine, and the author of eight books. She has been Chairperson and Chair of Research for the International Federation of Aromatherapists, and as well as her involvement in essential oil research, she has acted as a consultant and expert on the clinical use of essential oils internationally.
Susan Worwood is the owner of Fragrant Planet where she supplies essential oils, Cyprus Herbee Balms and Cyprus Flower essences. She is a clinical aromatherapist with over 30 years experience, herbalist and researcher.