B-Balls Duo


A Plug Unlike Any Other! 

The B BALLS create reactive sensations depending on the body’s activity, allowing intensity ranging from gentle to powerful. There is no other toy quite like it! Two weighted balls—one inside each round chamber—let you enjoy bouncing and rolling sensations unlike what any other butt plug has to offer! Your movement controls the motion of the balls: when you’re bouncing up and down, so are they. When you’re rocking back and forth, they’re rolling with your motion. (You can see some obvious applications for this, right?  Favourites include, “Spiced-up Spanking” while holding a vibe against the base.  Whether you’re doing a little anal training, making solo or partnered sex extra special, or if you just want to walk around with a little secret bounce in your butt, B BALLS  are dynamic, discreet, and completely unique. Easy to insert, simple to clean and even safe to share! Remember to use a good water based lube with your B BALLS!


  • Unisex: perfect for any body
  • Slim base fits snugly between your cheeks
  • Designed and handcrafted in Germany
Additional information

Black/Grey, Black/Raspberry, Violet/White