Whip Smart Perfect Position Mini Try-Angle Wedge


The Portable Sex Positioner For Enhanced Pleasure I

It’s portable enough to store easily, yet its compact size supports dramatic angles and elevations while providing comfort and support for endless delicious positioning. Tucked under your hips, the mini wedge offers deeper penetration and intensified sensations. The sexy slice also elevates and amplifies oral adventures expertly without putting a strain on your neck. Your Whip Smart Mini Wedge comes with a set of 2 attachable cuffs for you to get creative and find even more fun ways to play!

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Product Features:

  • Great Support
  • Machine Washable Covers
  • Upgrade your sex life
  • Enhance Sexual Positions 
  • Foam made in USA
  • MiniTriangle with Attachable Cuffs
  • Safe Durable Washable
  • Full Color Instruction Guide included
  • Brand: Whip Smart