Wartenberg Pinwheel


The Wartenberg pinwheel is a medical device that was originally designed by Robert Wartenberg for neurological use to test sensitivity and nerve reactions as it rolled systematically across the skin. It has now become something of a staple in the BDSM community for sensation play. The wheel has evenly-spaced radiating sharp pins that rotate as it is rolled across the flesh creating a very interesting & unique prickly sensation. The pins are sharp enough to feel quite stimulating without puncturing the skin unless excessive pressure is applied. Our pinwheel comes packaged if desired in an elegant satin lined black velvet jewel case and handy sheath.

For a heightened experience, we recommend using it in combination with a blindfold. Oh, did we say you can attach it creatively to an electro-stimulation device for some real shockingly devious play? No, you never heard that from us! If Robert only knew…..


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  • Chrome plated brass with 7″ handle
  • Choice of black velvet jewel case or leather sheath
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Black Velvet Case, Sheath

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