Vixen Large Bent

This Vixen toy has a realistic anatomical detail that boasts formidable size. The dildo’s curved shape makes for comfortable vaginal penetration when used in a good harness such as our Jag or Venus harnesses. It also has fairly decent suction for solo play.

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6-¾” x 2″

*Made from Vixen Creations Original Formula

From Vixen: The Vixen Creations Original Formula is the tried and true classic that has paved our sex toy path ever since 1992. The “Original Formula” is 100% premium platinum silicone which by nature is: hypoallergenic, hygienic, phthalate free, odorless, tasteless, boilable, bleachable and of course, durable.

The main things NOT to do: Silicone, while durable, is not invincible.   Bites, cuts and rough surfaces will ruin your toy.  No teeth, no finger nails and no zippers!  Basically, anything that could cause micro abrasions or tears on the surface of the toy should be avoided.

Never use silicone or hybrid lubes.  They cause a chemical reaction that will break down the surface of your toy.  Only use water-based lube.  This includes silicone lubed condoms.

Do not allow contact between Vixen Creation toys and other brands of toys. Silicone is sensitive to other materials and chemicals used in other types of toys and a chemical reaction happens that causes the silicone to break down.

Do not leave your toy in a harness after use.  Remove, clean and store properly.

The things TO do: Always clean your toy after use, and before the first time you use it.You can boil it for a minimum of 3 minutes in water.  This will make it as good as new!  (A deep clean)Regular cleaning can be done using a fragrance-free soap and water. Ideally, we recommend storing your toy in its original packaging, by itself.  A Ziploc freezer bag or a very soft fabric will also work.  Just make sure the toy is thoroughly cleaned AND DRY before storing away, and remember to not store it along side other toys. (Unless they are other Vixen Creations toys.) Also, ideally, store the toy standing up on its base.  Especially if it will be stored away for a lengthy amount of time.


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Black, Purple Shimmer