You wanted BIGGER, here he is, the Outlaw. At 8-1/2 x 2″ this is a mighty well built guy! The Outlaw is the largest VixSkin dildo we carry. Made for those who like it BIG and want it all.

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Outlaw Dimensions: 8-½” x 2″

Once you feel VixSkin® for yourself, you will see that it is truly “worth every inch”.

The Platinum grade silicone used for VixSkin® has a high degree of flexibility and resists tearing. Our exclusive formula contains a silicone lubricant (just like that used in the most popular silicone lubes), suspended between the molecules, giving a more realistic feel and greater elasticity. As with all sex toys, proper cleaning will ensure bacteria cannot accumulate on the surface. It is chemically impossible for bacteria to impregnate the silicone.

Exclusive formula placing VixSkin® beyond comparison to others on the market.

• Made of the safest, non-toxic 100% Platinum silicone

• Durable and luxurious, does not break down or degrade

• Warms and retains body heat

• Non-porous, can be cleaned with soap and water or sterilized by boiling for 3 minutes

• Non-slip base for use with harness

• Solid inner core for functional use

• Unbeatable lifetime warranty

• Handcrafted and designed by Vixen Creations in Austin, Texas

Silicone, while durable, is not invincible. Bites, cuts and rough surfaces will ruin your toy. No teeth, no finger nails and no zippers!  Basically, anything that could cause micro abrasions or tears on the surface of the toy should be avoided.

Never use silicone or hybrid lubes.  They cause a chemical reaction that will break down the surface of your toy.  Only use water-based lube.  This includes silicone lubed condoms.

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Caramel, Chocolate, Midnight Pearl, Tie-Bright, Vanilla

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