Master Series Fever Hot Wax Candle


The Master Series Fever Hot Wax Candles are made from low melting point wax that holds heat extremely well. These moisturizing paraffin candles come in an easy to use tin that allows for playful hot dribbles and sensational drabs all over the body. Set it down and you have a nice burning candle to play by. These hot wax drip candles add a delightful scream to any dungeon, play space or bedroom! May also be used as a warm, sensual massage….after it cools down.


  • To use simply light the wick and let the wax melt. The low melting point makes for quick work and also keeps the wax cool enough to not burn your skin. When you are satisfied with the amount of wax, blow out the wick and pour the moisturizing wax from 3-feet above your lovers body. May also be used as a warm, sensual massage.
  • Tin Measurements: 2-Inch in length, 2.5-Inch In width.
  • Material: Lightly scented, moisturizing, body safe paraffin wax.
  • Size: 90g.
  • Brand: Master Series
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Black, Red