Lockable Waist Cincher Belt


This attractive and durable shiny black waist cincher is made from heavy, solid PVC (not to be confused with stretch PVC fabric) and can function as street wear or to simply dress up your bondage play. The PVC belt is a sixteenth of an inch thick and re-enforced with metal studs to make it stand up to even the most forceful pulls and tugs. The PVC material allows for easy cleaning and drying.

There are four buckles in the front (two on each side) made from sturdy metal and hold a small ring for a lock. Two D-rings on each side can be used to attach a variety of leashes or straps opening up a wide variety of possibilities. The back of the cincher acts as a corset by means of three metal grommets on each side, through which a rope is used to lace up the belt. Since this belt is tied with rope, it allows for it to be slid down and used as a leg binder as an extra feature.

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  • Size: XSmall: 23 ½” to 25” (can be extended at back with included corset rope or by adding a longer rope)
  • Material: Heavy duty 1/16” PVC
  • Four 1in/2.5cm D-Rings
  • Four Locking Buckles
  • Handmade in the USA, Stockroom