Flaming Hot Dicks Wax Play Candles


Sometimes you just need to light a dick on fire. These wax play candles are fun to use, easy to hold, and just the right temperature for hours of fun. A wonderful gift for the hot wax play candle lover in your life. They also make a great gag gift! Each candle is 5 inches tall.

You can choose between regular and UV-reactive dyes. These fabulous Flaming Dicks are available in a variety of colours based on what we have on hand. Candle colours will be selected at random based on availability. Requests can be made in the order but we cannot promise we’ll be able to match exactly. We’ll do our best. Also check out out Fiery Vulvas for even more hot genital play!

All candles are made of 100% pure paraffin. Pouring temperature is around 124°F (51.11 celcius). Adjusting distance from body will adjust pouring temperature. UV reactive colours burn slightly hotter than regular wax. Test carefully before using. Hot is fun. Getting burnt is not!


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Prepare your play space carefully prior to use. The dyes in the wax will stain light coloured cloth. Test temperature of wax by adjusting distance. We recommend keeping a bowl of water close by for safety. Never leave your lit dicks unattended!

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Blue, Green, Hot Pink (UV), Lemon (UV), Lime (UV), Magenta (UV), Orange, Peach (UV), Purple, Red, Sky Blue (UV), Yellow