Aromatherapy Car Diffuser


Get rid of that synthetic air freshener in your car and replace it with a diffuser that uses only 100% pure essential oils. The aromatherapy car scenter diffuser can easily be used in most vehicles that have a lighter adapter outlet built in. Its unique design makes it extremely user-friendly in creating a soothing, healthy environment when you’re on the road. An aromatherapy car diffuser is an essential product must for all automobile users! I personally love our Wild Wood Nymph essential oil blend when driving or a drop of Lemongrass & Palmarosa. Diffuser Replacement Pads are available here.

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To Use:

  • Simply add 3-5 drops of your favourite essential oil on to the reusable insert pad
  • Slip the pad into the car diffuser
  • Plug the car diffuser into the lighter outlet
  • A green light will indicate the diffuser is on
  • Wait a few minutes and enjoy!
  • Unplug diffuser if green light stays on after the car is off to avoid draining battery.
  • Refill pads can be used until they harden and don’t absorb well
  • Refill pads can be purchased here.
  • Made in Canada