Wine Red and Black Leather Cat O Nine Tails


Originally, Cat whip with 9 tails was used for physical punishments in the Royal Navy and Army of the United Kingdom, and judicial punishments in many parts of the British Empire. It is called Cat O Nine Tails (Cat of Nine Tails) because this leather whip can inflict parallel wounds, just like the claws of a cat. For sure, it will find its place in your collection of BDSM whips!

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  • 9 handmade braided tails make the whip stable, heavier and tougher, depending on how much force you put behind it.
  • Sturdy handle for an easy grasp and swing.
  • Braided loop for easy hanging when not in use.
  • Leather Colour: Wine red and black
  • Material: Cow hide leather
  • Measurements:
  • Tail Length: 58.4cm (23 in.)
  • Total Length: 80cm (32.4in.)