SM 101


Widely acknowledged as probably one of the most comprehensive introductory texts on consensual erotic SM practices.

The long-taboo subject of consensual BDSM (bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, sadomasochism) is coming “out of the closet” – much to the delight of the millions of adults who enjoy engaging in bondage, spanking, erotic role-playing and similar consensual practices.

With chapters on everything from partner-seeking to afterplay, including step-by-step guides to bondage, spanking, flagellation, roleplay, erotic torment and much more, Jay Wiseman’s SM 101 has taught the fundamentals of safe, exciting SM to tens of thousands of people of all genders and orientations! This new edition also has a chapter on starting and running BDSM organizations and events for consenting adults.

Roughly 100,000 copies in print to date!

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Author: Jay Wiseman

Jay Wiseman has more than 40 years of experience in SM and was one of the early pioneers and builders of the SM community in the San Francisco area. He continues to be heavily involved, both in his local area and nationally, as an SM author, educator, mentor, workshop leader, expert witness, and activist. A former ambulance crewman with years of experience, and holder of one of the highest awards for lifesaving action, Jay also teaches classes in basic and advanced emergency medical care for SM clubs and other groups. He also holds a degree in law and is one of the few people inducted into the The Hall of Fame by the Society Of Janus in San Francisco