Rainbow In A Jar Hot Wax Play Candle


Six colours of low temperature, unscented paraffin wax in a single pitcher! The large pitcher holds 266 ml (9 oz) of wax. It allows for ease of use to create a colourful masterpiece on your living palette to play with. The perfect companion to our vibrant MFP bondage rope!

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These candles are made of 100% pure paraffin. Temperature is about 51c or 124°F. Experiment first and adjust accordingly by adjusting distance from body. Large pitcher jars hold 266ml or ~9oz of wax.

Usage Notes:

Coloured wax may dye lighter coloured sheets. We generally recommend a hard or easily wiped down surface, or putting down a dark cloth you don’t care about.

We strongly recommend not using the candles while the wick is actively burning. Best practice is always to let a pool of wax melt and then blow out the candle before pouring. This prevents soot from getting on the jar and as the candle gets lower, from excessive heat getting on one spot on the jar.

Hand Made In The USA

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