Premium Bullhide Flogger


This one has everything. It’s cut from beautiful, thick 8 oz bullhide, which is super heavy, but has the fluidity of garment leather. It’s rich, weighty, thuddy with a nice bit of edge and absolutely stunningly attractive! It really is one of the best floggers you’ve ever seen. Even for those of you who have seen many. The best. Even vanilla folk will love this thing. We promise.

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Size: 18″ Tails

Lash Colour: Black and Aqua Marine

*Handle: Black with Turk Heads Knot

Hand Crafted in Canada with Love by our wicked friends at Leatherbeaten!

*Please note: the handle is all black on this flogger & not 2 tone as shown. All else is exactly the same~ utterly gorgeous!