Power Tripper Neon Wand Attachment


What if you could make your partner literally tingle every time you touched them? The Power Tripper literally transforms the wearer into a human electrode, allowing you to generate sensually stimulating sparks whenever – and wherever – your skin comes in contact with another person’s.  The Power Tripper takes erotic electro-stimulation to a whole new level for an electrifying tactile experience. With the Tripper plugged into the ElectroErotic Neon Wand and placed against your bare skin, your partner feels a delicious electric tingle flowing from your tongue or fingertips every time you touch, kiss or lick them. In fact, any metal object you may be holding will also become a conductor of stimulating electricity, opening up an entire world of sensory play using metal toys, vampire gloves, pin-wheels and all sorts of other devious minded objects you can muster up! Ooohhh, just think of all the sensually tormenting possibilities at your fingertips…..or tongue! Whether you’re new to electrosex or an experienced e-stim player, the Power Tripper is guaranteed to be an electrifying experience unlike anything you’ve felt before!

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Product Details:
• Cord Length: 44.75in (113.66cm)
• Contact Plate Length: 3.25in (8.25cm)
• Contact Plate Width: 2in (5cm)
• Enclosed NiMH battery

WARNING: The Power Tripper™ is to be used ONLY with the ElectroErotic Neon Wand® or other products tuned for this device.

IMPORTANT: the PowerTripper™ is a highly stimulating toy intended only for use by adults of sound mind and body. To avoid risk of personal injury, you must read the directions and safety information in the enclosed manual before you first use this device.