Pillow Talk Game


The Sensual Relationship Game

Pillow Talk is a personal growth game, which uses sexuality to help couples resolve personal and relationship issues. The purpose of Pillow Talk is to inspire and initiate intimate conversation between couples. It helps couples practice open and honest communication about their relationship and sexuality and increase couples intimate knowledge of themselves and their partners.


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Pillow Talk offers couples the opportunity to explore their relationship on a deeper level than ever before. Couples take turns revealing parts of their sensual self and communicating intimate aspects of their relationship to their partner. The game creates a safe environment where couples can openly discuss their inner-most thoughts and feelings about love, sex, and romantic relationships. This personal growth game can be played with token cards to help couples resolve relationship issues like money, jealousy, and in-laws. Includes: 1 Sensual Board, 1 60 second timer, 50 theme cards, 200 Question cards, 13 token cards, 6 pass cards, 30 surprise cards, 80 extra cards to personalize your game, 1 die, 2 game pieces.