Amethyst Ben Wa Balls


Using Ben Wa balls creates a subtle stimulation that helps heighten sexual awareness and to tone those important vagina muscles. Some yoni practitioner enthusiasts are quite adept at rotating several Ben Wa or Venus Balls simultaneously within their vaginas in fact. I personally enjoy using them while in a rocking chair. Now I know why Granny had such a big smile on her face while rocking! Just be careful if you need to use the toilet while they’re inside and remember to remove them. I lost some just that way once in an out house in the woods. Also take care if you’re out in the town with them. A young woman I know said she lost one at a church service one day. It went rolling down the aisle quite noticeabley you could hear a pin drop she said. I can imagine a few embarrassing possibilities one wouldn’t want to be caught in losing their Geisha love balls! I recommend staying at home with them in the beginning. Ben Wa balls are easy to use and a great way to get started with any kind of yoni strengthening practise.  Don’t be afraid of losing them 🙂 you won’t unless they accidentally fall out! With a little common sense and regular practise, you’ll be out on the dance floor with your Ben Wa balls in no time!

Qualities of Amethyst Gemstone:

  •  Calming stone that brings forth tranquility & harmony 
  •  Provides stability, strength & inner peace 
  • Aids In spiritual growth 
  • Illuminates self-awareness
  • Increases intuition
  • Useful for healing anxiety & fear
  • Good stone for those in recovery




2 manually carved and polished 100% amethyst gemstones.

Each ball measures about 1″ in size and weighs on average around 23-28 gms ea. Each ball is unique.  Slight fluctuations in size, colour and weight are inherent.