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  1. Little Steel

    LITTLE STEEL something


    This satin-finished steel vibrator is both elegant and perfectly discreet – and it's the quietest available. Heat LITTLE STEEL in warm water (or your hot little hand) to soothe, or chill it in the fridge for a treat on a warm summer day. This sleek companion has many talents. Silent, Waterproof, Everlasting Vibrator Make it rechargeable with an eco-friendly, rechargeable battery.

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  2. Form 6 Waterproof and Rechargeable Vibrating Massager

    Form 6 Waterproof and Rechargeable Vibrating Massager


    The ultimate all-around vibrator, with two usable ends.This powerful companion is the ultimate all-around vibrator. With two independently powered ends, a continuous surface and optimal curvature, FORM 6 reaches everywhere you want. Hello Sensation.

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  3. Iconic Smoothie

    Iconic Smoothie


    With its elongated shape, ICONIC SMOOTHIE is quite versatile. For many, this popular design is what springs to mind when a vibrator is mentioned. New to sex accessories? ICONIC SMOOTHIE makes an unintimidating and inexpensive starting point for pleasure.

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  4. Iconic Bullet

    Iconic Bullet Waterproof Vibrator


    Mini-yet-mighty, it adds zing wherever your hand roams.Its unintimidating form and obvious ease-of-use make ICONIC BULLET a very popular first-time vibrator. Both powerful and discreet, it makes a welcome addition to any glove compartment, handbag or carry-on.

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  5. iconic rabbit 2

    iconic rabbit 2


    Just when you thought the Rabbit Vibe couldn't get any better, meet the rechargeable, all-silicon version of the original best selling vibe of all time. The ICONIC RABBIT 2. Offering you the same wonderful simultaneous external and internal stimulation, plus a USB recharger, so you don't have to worry about batteries.

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  6. FORM 2 Gold 24K Luxury Edition

    FORM 2 Gold 24K Luxury Edition


    The most powerful clitoral stimulator on the market is now available with special edition packaging, smooth black silicone, a sleek black charger, and a 24 karat gold-plated contact. It’s the perfect gift for the woman who has everything. Like its award-winning predecessor, FORM 2 LE offers two motors—one in each flexible ear—allowing you to pinch, squeeze, and surround the clitoris in sensation.

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  7. Darker Side of Sexy

    Darker Side of Sexy


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    An absolutely luxurious play kit for those that enjoy a little sensational power exchange to help spice things up in style! The quality of the silk and lambskin of this kit is amazing. Feels truly gorgeous against the skin. 8 feet of luxurious soft lambskin and black silk in total. Beautiful! Prrrr.......


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  8. Jimmyjane intro 6

    Jimmyjane intro 6


    The JimmyJane Intro 6 is a classic G-spot vibrator at an affordable price. Fashioned after their original ground-breaking rechargeable Form 6, JimmyJane has introduced an intro battery operated line of high quality toys designed after their originals. The curved shape of Form 6 is designed for precision stimulation over the erogenous g-spot while delivering delightful vulva vibration stimulation. Learn More

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